You will only give birth to this baby once

Make sure you prepare yourself well for this so you can have a positive experience.

“Follow this step by step program with easy to follow videos, exercises, tips, explanations, and listening sessions.”

Pregnant? What about that birth?

Do you share the belief that everything will be okay during labor, without understanding that many pregnant women who think this way end up being dissatisfied with their childbirth? Are you exposed to negative tales about childbirth, such as tearing, panic attacks, drama, or sleepless nights afterward? There is a substantial amount of negativity surrounding childbirth, as if it is an experience one must merely tolerate.

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When stressed, anxious, or panicked, your uterine muscles tense up. I provide you with powerful tools to use your mindset to allow your body to give birth as smoothly as possible.


You will learn all to prepare for a positive birth: from your best personal breathing technique during contractions to positions and which position will give you 3-4 cm more space during the pushing stage.

Nice exercises

Start listening to our powerful hypnobirthing sessions to increase your confidence and reduce your fears. I will teach you how to prepare best for  birth so that you can birth your baby in a calm confident way.

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The solution is within reach with Hypnobirthing-courses

Do you feel this too?

Do you feel uncertain, afraid, stressed, or do you dread giving birth to your baby?

Your mindset and thoughts have a major impact on your physical body and the birthing process.

“Your brain/mindset/thoughts can quickly get in the way during childbirth. This directly causes stress, tension and tightness in the uterine muscles, making birth more difficult.”

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Did you know that you can start training your brain, mindset, and thoughts NOW?

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Case study

The story of Madelon

With the birth of my first child, I had a cesarean section. This time, I really wanted things to be different.

And it worked! I’m really grateful for everything because of your course and the hypnobirthing-courses listening sessions. Our son Ruben was born into the world wonderfully Zen with a normal delivery that happened super quickly. He was born on August 8th.

The menstrual feelings/cramps started at 5am, and I went downstairs to eat some applesauce. By 6am, lying down was no longer comfortable. I sat in yoga listening to the affirmations. At some point, I noticed that the cramps were increasing and happening more often, but my stopwatch wasn’t working and I felt so Zen without pain that I didn’t pay attention to it.
At 7:30, I woke up Gabriel, my husband, because Isabel had to go to school. While brushing my teeth, my water broke and a waterfall flowed into the toilet. Unfortunately, the color was green (a sign of poop), and I began to worry. The ambulance arrived at 9:00, and I could relax again while listening to you on the ride to the hospital.
I arrived at the hospital with 5 cm dilation. We were taken to a beautiful room and had the best midwife you could wish for, who was open to something new: hypnobirthing. So I was allowed to move around, and my husband massaged my back while I listened and breathed my body to 10 cm dilation. At 11:30 am, I started pushing and our Ruben was born at 11:57 am.
All in all, it was a wonderfully beautiful experience, very quick, relaxed, and with little to no pain. My husband was also impressed by the peacefulness and calmness. Even through the green amniotic fluid, our child was/is healthy, strong, and powerful. We’re at home now and I’m in love with my baby and feel “on top of the world.” Once again, thank you because without you, it would have been different for sure!

- Madelon

Do you want to as well?

Are you preparing yourself well?

Practical tools for your mindset?

The way you think is extremely important in all aspects of your life, including sports and work. It also plays a significant role during childbirth. If you're not prepared, your own body can hinder the process. However, with proper preparation, you can help your body and have a more pleasant childbirth experience overall.

Are you scared of experiencing pain?

Childbirth is an autonomous and natural process. Most women work against their bodies, tensing up during contractions which makes it more painful. How can you effectively cope with contractions and reduce pain? You will learn that here with the hypnobirthing-courses.

Have you had a negative experience before?

Giving birth is an unconscious process. Previous negative experiences are stored in your subconscious and can surface during childbirth. With these tools, you will learn how to let go of the past and approach this childbirth with a clean slate.

Do you also want more control?

There is so much you can do to maintain control. Most pregnant women do not know how many helpful tools can be used to increase control. You will learn these useful tools here.

Pregnant women seeking more connection.

By going inwards, transforming your fears and worries, and building your calmness and confidence, you become more connected with yourself, your body, and your intuition. Giving birth is a natural process, and it's great to be more connected with your own strength, support the natural process, and remove any blocks with these tools. Birth partners, how can they coach you? As a pillar of support, there's so much that a birth partner can do for her during labor. You know her better than any midwife or doctor. Learn how to coach and prepare her for a positive birth experience.


Helianthe Rusken

As a hypnotherapist and hypnobirthing-courses specialist, I have helped over 10,000 pregnant women.

I specialize in the brain/mindset/thoughts and how to use them effectively during childbirth.

I have written a book called “Giving Birth with Hypnobirthing” and train hypnobirthing instructors to teach hypnobirthing courses.

Additionally, I provide training to midwives and medical staff in hospitals on hypnobirthing.

I am the founder of Mucha Mama, the second largest hypnobirthing course organization in the Netherlands.

In het Nederlands

Bevallen doe je maar 1 keer

Elke bevalling is anders, zorg dat je jezelf hier goed op voorbereid


They also use the hypnobirthing method.

Use Helianthe’s method for pregnant women with problematic pregnancies or fear of childbirth

Gretha Visser, a midwife, shares her method with pregnant women

Midwives Lian and Gon are pictured together, they also teach a hypnobirthing-course

“Lian & Gon” Midwives provide their approach to pregnant women and work in a hospital in Limburg


The experiences of others

We are incredibly happy that we took this hypnobirthing-courses. Because we live abroad, we took the course online. It's a very informative and practical course that also focuses on the partner's role. We immediately felt at ease with everything Helianthe shared step-by-step, and she gave us many useful tools and tips via videos and downloadable exercises for preparing for and experiencing childbirth. The exercises not only gave us confidence in childbirth and made us feel like a real team, but also ensured a relaxed experience throughout the pregnancy. These exercises can also be used in other situations, not just childbirth. We absolutely recommend this course!

What an ideal course for this price, this is what I have been looking for for a while. I especially enjoyed listening to the hypnobirthing sessions.

A nice online course that you can do at your own pace and still covers everything. The mix of reading, listening, and doing assignments works well. Especially the listening sessions really helped me to approach the delivery with a positive feeling and have confidence in my baby and my body!

What a fine course. I frequently fell asleep while listening 🙈 it was wonderfully relaxing! The listening sessions truly helped me approach the childbirth positively and cope with the difficult moments. As a result, I had a super beautiful birth. Thank you!

After searching the internet extensively for a suitable preparation for a positive childbirth, I came across your website. Every night, I listen with pleasure and calmness to your hypnobirthing sessions and have started doing all the exercises. I notice that I am less anxious about the childbirth and feel a lot of relaxation during and afterwards. It's all very clear, thank you.

I am very happy to have ordered this online hypnobirthing-courses and found it very informative. The handy tips and tricks are clearly presented and explained. The exercises and downloadable documents are also written in clear language, making it understandable for everyone. Listening to the hypnobirthing sessions regularly gives me peace and confidence.

Dear Helianthe, Before the birth of my second child, I listened to your sessions frequently and I am extremely grateful because it helped me change my mindset and approach my delivery with confidence. You have such a lovely, calming and soothing voice! I now know that hypnosis helps me and may assist me with other areas of my life as well. It's strange to have listened to someone's voice so much but never actually seen them in person! My delivery was less than 3 hours long. Thank you again and I wish you success and enjoyment as you continue to teach your courses.


You are in good company

Case Studie

The story of Georgie and Gareth.

Mother with baby Albert in her arms

My beautiful baby boy was born at home on January 29th and weighed exactly 8 pounds.

Here is a photo of him at about 1 week old.

Helianthe, thank you so much for your amazing course. I can’t tell you how amazing my birth was; it was everything we had hoped for and more. I really can say that I enjoyed it!

I started having contractions every 10-15 minutes on Monday at 3 am. They intensified to every 5 minutes throughout the day. We stayed calm and used light touch and relaxation techniques, walked our dog, I had a shower and a bath, we tried to eat a lot, and we even played PlayStation (Gareth won, of course).

But by 6 pm, the contractions slowed down and weakened. I started feeling very disappointed and discouraged, but as per the midwife’s instructions, I went to bed. We got 6 hours of sleep and then woke up, went for a long walk with our dog, and everything started again.

On Tuesday at noon, contractions resumed every 3-5 minutes, and the midwife came for the first time. Using my breathing techniques, I was able to talk and laugh between contractions. The midwife told me that it could take a long time, so she left. Within 45 minutes, my water broke, and we called her back. At her first examination, I was fully dilated, and I fell to the floor and began pushing! 40 minutes later, Albert was born at home on our bedroom floor, and an hour later, Gareth, Albert, our dog Bukka, and I were all tucked up in bed, calling family members.

It was a beautiful, calm experience that we will never forget. The midwives thought I did fantastically, and I can’t thank you enough. I just wish we had recorded it on video so that you could show people that someone who was so scared had a super lovely birth. It is the most beautiful and amazing thing I have ever done. Albert is a very calm, content baby, and I’m so happy I could give him a calm and beautiful birth.

- Georgie en Gareth

How does it work?

Hypnobirthing-courses in 8 modules, I will guide you step by step in preparing for childbirth.


What causes women pain?

Understand why women have pain and how you can reduce it. In this module, you will find a video with explanations and an exercise to get started.


How to effectively cope with contractions.

Learn in a step-by-step series how you can effectively manage your contractions and where to focus your attention. Includes a video and workbook.


Reduce stress and increase trust

Includes a video with tips and tools, a powerful exercise and a Hypnobirthing listening session. This will help you relax while increasing your confidence.”


Mentally preparing for childbirth

Learn more about how the body works, what you can and should not do, how to prepare, manage contractions, and release your fears or concerns. Includes a step-by-step plan and a hypnobirthing audio session.


Letting go of anxiety and worries.

Stress during childbirth can cause uterine muscle cramps. Learn how to transform and release your worries beforehand and how to come out of any stress mode during childbirth. Includes a workbook and a hypnobirthing listening session.


Pushing stage

Learn what not to do during the pushing stage and how to have a smooth delivery. Includes video and hypnobirthing listening session.


The delivery and the birth partner.

Clear explanation of the stages of childbirth, what you can do for more control, and what your partner can do to support you.


Birthing positions

Learn more about postures and how you can aid the natural process instead of obstructing it.

The complete Hypnobirthing-courses


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