hypnobirthing thailand

1-day or 2-day hypnobirthing course 

This course is very practical, you will learn enjoyable and relaxing exercises to prepare yourself and your partner as best as possible for the birth of your baby. When you book a hypnobirthing course, you will receive course materials with which you can already start preparing. You will receive 5 different hypnobirthing sessions to listen to, online lessons to start learning breathing exercises and the theory behind hypnobirthing and a hypnobirthing book to read.

hypnobirthing thailand


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What do you learn during a Mucha Mama’s hypnobirthing course:

Daniel was born on the 6 December at 7.30 pm.The birth was an amazing experience thanks to the techniques we learned during the course….”
Carl & Janine



Hi, I am Krist’l D’haene from Belgium. I am a holistic birth worker, a midwife/doula at first and now offering a variety of services so that you can experience pregnancy and parenthood at fullest thanks to mindful support for your body, heart and soul. 

I teach floor/water yoga, hypnobirthing, childbirth education, baby swimming and offer Thai/Ayurveda/baby massage, craniosacral therapy and Ayurveda food and lifestyle support.
I am currently based in Bangkok. I live in SE Asia since 1996 in Laos, Thailand and Cambodia, mostly working as a midwife with different organizations. I manage to speak the languages and get insight in the culture and the birth/postpartum traditions. I gave birth to my son in Bangkok in 2002. 

hypnobirthing thailand

As an expat mom, far away from family and friends, I deeply missed support. Therefore I set up a private practice in Phnom Penh/Cambodia, providing holistic support to pregnant couples from conception into parenting between 2011-2015. The recent 3 years in Belgium allowed me to take more training. I am 59 now and I am very interested in menopause/andropause and how we can manage this time at best with Ayurveda and hormone yoga therapy.

Feel free to contact me and find out how I can help you. I might speak your language!


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Mucha Mama Hypnobirting courses

Hypnobirthing is hypnotherapy applied to pregnancy and birth. With hypnobirthing you explore your unconscious responses to pregnancy and birth, how they affect you and what you can do to change your experience into a more fulfilling one. Your partner takes the course with you.

I am delighted to bring hypnobirthing as part of the holistic approach of preparing yourself for motherhood. Hypnobirthing focuses on the unconscious, psychological and emotional aspects, while childbirth education and pregnancy yoga focus more on the physical and spiritual aspects. 


Surely you have heard stories about pregnancy and birth, you have seen movies or you read books, your mother gave birth to you, or you gave birth already. All these imprints are stored in your subconscious mind and they define your experience, behaviour, attitudes and the way you live your life today. Hypnobirthing allows you to consciously explore your unconscious fears and anxieties and become aware of them. Once you are aware, you can than consciously transform these imprints into more happy and fulfilling ones using specific techniques and tools. The result is increased confidence and self-awareness. As if you reprogram your mind for positive experiences instead of the usual negative ones.

I trained with Mucha Mama in the Netherlands. You subscribe online and receive all preparation materials to read and listen to with the instructions to work at your own pace. The Hypnobirthing audio sessions are relaxing and allow you to explore your mental images. Once you are familiar with the exercises, you and your partner join the hypnobirthing class with few other couples or you might take a private class. We will practice hypnotherapy techniques/tools such as breathing, direct and indirect suggestions, visualizations, anchors, metaphors and fear release exercises.

Your own certified teacher;  1-day course; 5 hypnobirthing MP3s; Online lessons; Hypnobirthing E-Book; Exercise Book; Birth Plan; Practising Table; Avoid Induction help; Breech support; Follow-up session.

Somewhere in the second trimester. The earlier you start, the more you can benefit from the exercises long before you give birth.

The 1 day class is from 10 am to 5.30 pm.

 Light easy clothing, pants or shorts are best.

Preparing with hypnobirthing will not only help you during labour and birth but surely also in other areas of life for many years to come. For myself, taking the training has long-life effects as I have become very aware of my mind patterns, habits and attitudes and I know now how I can change the negative ones in more fulfilling ones.

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